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  • 2019- Current Founder & CEO of Heart of Many Colors LLC

  • 3 years Mens adventure trips.

  • 3 Years youth Pastor/Evangelist at Erath County Cowboy Church.

  • 5 Years Evangelist and Pastoral staff at Mission 24,  Univ of Houston

  • 4 years Speaking/Preaching/Programing with Carolina creek Christian camp

  • 4 Years as President and Speaker of One Ministries at Sam Houston State University

  • 2 Years youth speaker at University Heights Church  Houston,TX

  • 3 Years developing small groups and bible studies in Truth college ministries.

  • 2 Years Speaking and Directing West Houston Fellowship of Christian Athletes

  • 2 Years speaking and directing FCA motocross ministry in Houston TX.

  • 1 Year Lead Evangelism Coordinator for Reinhard Bonnke Crusade Houston, Texas

  • Featured in the Voice of God Movie released in 2018


Jake is the current founder and CEO of "Heart of Many Colors." Jake and his family currently live in Stephenville Texas. His heart and passion is to see people live in Christ and demonstrate the kingdom of God everywhere they go. For over a decade he has seen thousands of people give their lives to Jesus. He believes, the Holy Spirit has given all believers everything they need through the spiritual gifts, to see the kingdom of God demonstrated in their lives.  Jake gave his life to Jesus at the young age of 5.  Then at the age of 9 he was shown the supernatural power of God in a vision, after his family's truck was hit head on by a truck driven by a young man committing suicide.  Through God's power he was taken out of his body and God showed him his family from His perspective. Not the mangled broken bodies in the vehicle but as the picture perfect people God sees. In reality, his Dad had died on impact, his mother had been crushed by the engine leaving her with a broken leg, her crushed face, and broken back, to name a few.  One of his brother's head was split down the middle and had a severe brain injury. In the following 10yrs this trauma, grief, and teenage life came to a head when he was 19. He tried committing suicide the same way, by driving his truck into an eighteen wheeler, but he heard a voice in his head say to him "you don’t want to do this" and something froze his hands to his steering wheel and stopped him. It wasn’t until this point that he began to really seek out God.  After which God placed many godly people in his path to share and help him understand God's love and plan for him.  In March of 2006, he was on a mission trip to Spain and he had a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit at a dinner table.  He recalls “In an instant, I felt the tangible arms of the Father hold me and say to me... you are my son and I love you!” Following this encounter, his Heart was awakened to the presence of God and His word. He began to see God do miraculous things in and through him. By experiencing people being healed, delivered from evil, come to salvation, Holy Spirit encounters, and amazing miracles that only God can do through his Spirit.

Jake says, “I want to introduce as many people as I can to Jesus, showing them how to experience the new life, adoption, and fire of God,  and enabling them to do the same.”

Film Projects 

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Jake is an Actor, Director, Videographer, & Producer. Over the last 2 decades he has worked on project in each of these roles. To bring the Gospel to screen and in person through plays & dramas.  



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